The Next Step

So by now, you’re probably wondering that means, “The Next Step”.  In the hopes of being as transparent as possible, our goal with the blogs to give you a front-row seat of the processes that go through our heads as we go on this journey.  The next step after the initial logo design was coming up with a variant logo.

You may be asking yourself, why the term variant?  Why not use the term “alternative” or “secondary logo”.  Here is a little trivia about myself, when I was a kid, I was a massive comic book nerd.  So much so, that I wanted to be a comic book artist in my early teens. The idea of using the term variant, for us at least, comes from when comic book publishers would release their comics.  They would sometimes release “variant” covers of the same comic book. Usually to drum up sales for newer editions. Often times, you’ll see these variant covers as just unused covers by different artists and they would be included in the trade paperback or graphic novel version of the comic book.  

The idea of the variant for us was to have it be very simple and clean.  Our name, our location, and that was it. The inspiration came from the old gym tee’s we all used to wear in the 80’s and 90’s.  As well as, basic logo designs many manufacturers use to keep their brand front and center with their collections. After different iterations, we settled on what is now called the “Established” logo.  Established coming from the “established 2018” portion of the logo below the PG lettering.

With two solid designs completed, we now had to order samples of the kinds of shirts we wanted.  This was a whole other process. Jarod and I sat and discussed different brands, materials, and types of tee’s for days it felt like.  One thing we both agreed on from the start, we wanted a good, quality tee that was soft, would hold up after multiple washes and the most important factor, look amazing on everyone.  

We ordered as many samples as we could that would enable users to really see the gamut of different brands and their qualities.  We did everything you could think of in order to pick the perfect tee.  We washed them quite a number of times as well to make sure the shrinkability wasn’t that bad. In the end, as you can see from what we picked, the right tee’s won.

Next, we had to line up models and find out who would be our photographer...that’s another story.