About Us

Playground Gotham is the brainchild of two best friends, Jarod & Greg.  They both met working in retail many years ago. As time went on, they grew to love the industry they were working in.  For the two of them, they found something that they excelled in. It was an outlet for them to work with people and explore a little bit of their creative side by putting together new looks for clients.  

A few years ago, Greg had an idea for a t-shirt company.  It festered in his head for years, always talking about doing it but never pulling the trigger.  Jarod, on the other hand, would always pester Greg to put pen to paper and finally do something about it.  Jarod and Greg have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Jarod had his own company that he started but he knew if Greg took the chance he would excel as well.  

This past Spring, Greg finally sat down and worked on the initial designs for Playground Gotham.  With Jarod, they brought what was just a thought on paper to an actual design that could be worn.

Where the idea of Playground Gotham is Greg and Jarod’s, the heart & soul of the company is the community that is being built around it.  The foundation of PG, like the playgrounds and the city that inspired it, are the people that inhabit it. It is where friendships and communities thrived.  The playground is nothing without the people in it and it is our hope that the people who are in our playground bring it to life.