What is your return policy?

As of right now, everything is final sale.  We offer no exchanges on sizes or if you order the wrong color.  We have posted the size charts for all the apparel, which we hope helps you out.  If there is an issue where there is a defect in the printing, please contact us asap at the following email: info@playgroundgotham.com.  

What are the fits for the t-shirts/hoodies like?

Ladies should maybe drop down from a size or so depending on the fit they would like.

Men, the shirts should fit true to size.

For the t-shirts, they are pretty much true to size with a slightly fitted cut.  
For the softball tees, the body of the shirt is true to size but a little longer than the tees.   

For the hoodies, they are true to size.  The sleeves are a little fuller.

Who designs the t-shirts?

Our design team.

When will you have more designs?

We are aiming to have our first full season of designs within the next 6 months or so.

Are you hiring?

Not right now.

Are any of your shirts available in stores?

No, we will deal directly with the consumer.

Why does the logo looked worn out?

We specifically wanted a weathered, washed out, vintage look for the logos. With the Foundation Logo, we have a cracked, older look to them. For the established logo, we wanted something that looked faded and aged.  

Why do my shirts smell like vinegar?

The shirts have that smell from the printing process that it undergoes.  As stated before, all shirts are made to order, so as soon as it comes off the printing press, it is wrapped, sealed and shipped.  A quick wash in the laundry gets rid of the smell.