What does the brand mean? What is the purpose of this brand?

Playground Gotham, in its original iteration, was about all things NYC.  Greg wanted to have something that would pay homage to the great & rich history of NYC, its people and its landmarks. As the seasons changed, so did that original vision for Playground Gotham.  NYC is still the backbone and foundation behind the inspiration of Playground Gotham. However, when Greg and Jarod would talk about designs, they realize that they both had their very own idea of what NYC means to them. Greg and Jarod wanted to take that idea, where what NYC means to any individual and give to it to the consumer.  What one thing means to Greg, may not be the same for Jarod. It is that idea that the idea of a community-driven t-shirt company was rooted. What better way for a community to be brought together, then in a playground. Greg and Jarod want their ideas and inspiration to be the groundwork behind the company but let the community/clients build it up.